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    Key takeaways from Shopify Editions Summer ‘24

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    As a longstanding Shopify partner, Codal helps brands migrate to the platform, integrate it with critical business technologies, and maximize the value of its wide-ranging features and functionality. Naturally, we attend both the Winter and Summer Editions events each year, where Shopify releases new platform updates, which we can leverage to improve eCommerce performance for our clients.If you couldn’t make it to Shopify Editions Summer ‘24, keep reading for our team’s key takeaways and notable feature updates.

    Notable feature updates on Shopify

    Shopify is releasing a number of platform upgrades that will help teams work more efficiently, drive conversions, and better track storefront performance.


    Unified markets: Merchants will be able to easily manage storefronts across various locales, business types, and brands from a centralized dashboard.
    Split shipping at checkout: Customers will have more flexibility in their checkout options, enabling merchants to offer more payment and shipping options at various price points.
    New native Shopify analytics suite: Merchants will better understand how customers are using their storefront and what's driving sales. They’ll also have access to new performance metrics highlighting key areas where performance of the storefront can be improved.
    New style settings for themes: There will be more advanced setting menus that are contextual to the parameters of the theme, allowing merchants to modify the look of their theme without making any code changes.
    Shopify theme block extensions: These will empower developers to create experiences based on repeated patterns, giving merchants more flexibility regarding design layouts and content.
    Sanity Connect upgraded to support Shopify MetaObjects: This can be natively used in Liquid for theme-based sites, which will allow merchants that use these themes to integrate a headless CMS into their business flows, simplifying the user experience for content creation and management.
    Hydrogen Visual Building powered by Utopia: This will create more opportunities for collaboration between merchants, agency design teams, and other stakeholders to affect the presentation of experiences powered by Hydrogen.
    Store Credit powered by Shop Pay is now available to Merchants: Admins can issue store credit directly to customers, which they can use to purchase products at checkout.

    Our 3 main takeaways from Editions Summer ‘24

    Here’s a quick breakdown of how Codal plans on leveraging these upgrades to drive productivity and enhance the eCommerce experience for our clients.


    Shopify continues to double down on their investment across storefront types, working to advance the capabilities of Liquid and further empower merchants to build reusable components that provide additional value and flexibility. We will leverage these advancements to ensure our clients can adjust layouts, visual settings, and content faster and more easily—without requiring development support.The Shopify Markets expansion is going to simplify multi-store management for our enterprise clients with numerous storefronts across numerous brands and locales. This will help Codal present the case for building flexible themes that can be copied across storefronts, while also maintaining configurability to deliver unique user experiences.Shopify continues to evolve its product schema to optimize it for larger data sets, making it easier for our enterprise clients to migrate data structures from existing tools.

    Team up with a Shopify Partner to improve eCommerce performance

    Shopify is shaping the future of eCommerce, equipping brands with technology that enables them to meet ever-changing business needs and consumer expectations. Codal has helped brands like Thermos, Nulo, and Cosori migrate to the platform and get the most out of what it has to offer.If you’d like to learn more about recent developments at Shopify and how to leverage them for a stronger eCommerce experience, get in touch with a member of our team today!