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    Codal’s Global Week of Service: Giving back to local communities in the US, UK, & India

    For Codal's Global Week of Service, our teams in the US, UK, and India volunteered with local non-profit organizations to help make an impact.

    As our global team continues to grow, Codal is committed to increasing its philanthropic efforts by getting out of the office and giving back to our local communities. Over the first week of April, our teams in the US, UK, and India linked up with local non-profit organizations to help make an impact through numerous volunteering activities.
    Here’s a quick recap of the organizations we worked with, the differences they’re making in people’s lives, and how our team got involved.

    Helping rehabilitated individuals re-enter the workforce in Chicago

    For more than 30 years, Cara Collective has provided comprehensive support for individuals after periods of incarceration, helping them navigate housing, employment, and more. To play a small part in this mission, Codal employees assisted with stocking and organizing donated clothes for job seekers in need of a professional wardrobe. We also conducted mock interviews with the job seekers to help prepare them for the real thing.
    “Seeing all the donated clothing that was dry cleaned and ready for sorting was impressive,” says Lead Design Strategist Allison Boman. “The interviewees left with feedback on how they can improve their verbal/non-verbal communication and praise for the things they did well. It was a really rewarding experience.”

    Fundraising and gardening in Lincoln

    Codal’s UK office started a fundraiser for The Trussell Trust , an organization that provides emergency food and support to people in crisis, while working to end the need for food banks in the UK altogether. You can contribute to our fundraiser here .
    The team also did some gardening work for the Bilsthorpe Heritage Museum.
    “It’s an old Miners memorial garden that needed some tender loving care,” says Operations Manager Dawn Oakes. “There’s an elderly couple that’s been maintaining the garden for the last 16 years, but it’s all becoming a bit too much for them, so they were extremely grateful for the help.”

    Delivering clean water, food, clothing in Ahmedabad

    Our team in India worked on two philanthropic projects with the Karma Foundation , which provides food and basic necessities to thousands of individuals every year. First, they participated in the Beat the Heat Program, which involved providing homeless individuals with donated footwear and clothing.
    According to Quality Analyst Parag Jathar, “It wasn't just about providing essentials. It was about sharing warmth and solidarity. In those moments, I witnessed the profound impact of simple acts of kindness, reinforcing my belief in the power of community.”
    Next, they installed a water cooler at a local school, ensuring that its students always have clean, fresh, and cold drinking water moving forward.
    Finally, the team participated in the Stray Dog Feeding Drive, hosted by the Jivdaya Charitable Trust , an animal welfare organization that provides care and medical aid to injured strays. They worked all day at the Vasna Barrage, helping the organization meet its goal of feeding over 600 dogs per day.
    “It was a deeply rewarding experience,” says Senior Software Engineer Om Kanada. “As I distributed food to these animals in need, I felt a profound sense of fulfillment. I'm looking forward to participating in similar events in the future.”
    Codal is always seeking new opportunities to serve our local communities. If your organization is looking for volunteers, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

    Written by Gibson Tooms