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    Shopify Editions Winter ‘24 recap: New platform features to help merchants leverage AI and drive conversions‍

    Shopify Winter Editions 2024 introduced a number of exciting new platform features and updates. Check out our recap for the key takeaways.

    Businesses in 2024 are migrating to Shopify in droves, leaving behind the high costs of ownership, technical limitations, and workflow complexities of their legacy platforms. During this year's Winter Editions , Shopify announced a collection of exciting new platform features and updates, further securing its position on the leading edge of eCommerce innovation.
    As a founding Shopify Plus Partner since 2016, Codal is constantly building and optimizing eCommerce solutions for Shopify merchants across retail, healthcare, food and beverage, and most recently, private equity . Needless to say, when new platform capabilities are introduced, our team gets excited.
    So let's talk about a few key takeaways from Shopify's Winter ‘24 Editions.

    Leveraging AI with Shopify Magic

    Shopify Magic represents a wide range of built-in AI tools that simplify development workflows and enrich the customer experience. Directly on their Shopify dashboard, teams can now:
    Edit product images with just a few clicks or keywords, reducing the need for advanced design tools and expertise.
    Automatically write engaging copy for website pages, from the homepage, to PDPs, to FAQs.
    Make searching for products more intuitive with Semantic Search, a feature that goes beyond keyword matching to better understand the shopper's intent and deliver more relevant results.

    Customizing checkout & delivery

    With access to over a dozen new APIs and UI components, Shopify Plus merchants are now able to customize their checkout and delivery experience like never before. The look and feel of checkout pages can be modified to fit the brand's ideal customer journey via advanced color schemes, header and footer customizations, and container styles. Checkout UI extensions are also now supported on additional surfaces, namely the "thank you for purchasing" page and order status page.

    Offering subscriptions

    Offering a subscription service on your website is a great way to establish recurring revenue and increase customer lifetime value (CLV). With Shopify's new subscription app, merchants can quickly and easily set up and manage subscriptions directly from their admin dashboard. Similarly on the front end, customers interact with an intuitive account portal, where they can modify subscription settings, update delivery details, skip orders, access discounts, and more.

    Optimizing the B2B experience

    Today's average wholesale buyer expects the same level of speed and convenience from a B2B portal that they're used to on the D2C websites of brands like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Thus, Shopify has made huge updates to its B2B offering over the past year. Wholesalers can now:
    Streamline admin workflows by utilizing the Staff Permissions tool to assign sales reps to buyers, as well as determine specific roles and access levels.
    Build the most optimal tech stack with a headless B2B solution. Access to Shopify's advanced API infrastructure and developer tools means total control over the wholesale experience.
    Offer customized discounts to wholesale customers—automated at checkout—through the seamless integration of custom or third-party apps, powered by Shopify Functions.

    Modernize your eCommerce experience with Shopify Codal

    If you're considering migrating to Shopify or looking for ways to maximize the value of your existing Shopify store, Codal is here to help. With a global team of designers and developers that know the platform inside and out, we've got the in-house resources, experience, and expertise to:
    Migrate your business from its legacy eCommerce platform to Shopify in a matter of weeks.
    Design a data-driven, personalized UX/UI on top of any selected Shopify theme or custom headless solution.
    Develop complex integrations and APIs for custom and third-party tools.
    Strategize and architect headless systems to provide more front-end flexibility for your team.
    Provide proactive site maintenance and conversion rate optimization (CRO) to prevent bugs, minimize bounces, and maximize CLV.
    If you would like to learn more about the full scope of Shopify's capabilities, along with how Codal can help your business meet its eCommerce goals in 2024, get in touch with a member of our team today!

    Written by Gibson Toombs