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    Codal Named One Of Clutch’s 2017 Global Leaders

    Leveraging our years of experience in the IT business vertical, we have created a team of highly skilled designers and developers.

    Leveraging our years of experience in the IT business vertical, we have created a team of highly skilled designers and developers. We have brought out the best in every brand that we work with, and we are elated to be recognized for our design acumen.
    Recently, Clutch named Codal as a global leader for Web Design . There’s over 6,500 global web design companies listed, and that number is growing every day. Clutch is a ratings and review platform from Washington DC. They quantitatively and qualitatively determine a company’s industry expertise by evaluating many factors such as reputation, accolades, and social media presence.
    Their research methodology maps companies based on their industry expertise, and ‘ability to deliver’. The ability to deliver score is determined by market presence, clientele and Clutch-led client interviews with our clients.
    Client feedback is the strongest portion of the ability to deliver score, and it is integral to Clutch’s proprietary research methodology. We currently have 9 reviews on their platform, and our clients have shared their feedback on how Codal is able to consistently deliver .
    “They have been my partner more than a developer. From early on, they have been focused on providing solutions across the board. They have been willing to provide guidance and direction on things that aren't necessarily just in the development realm. I can look to them for cybersecurity insurance and other areas not necessarily related to the programming or specific scope of work. They provide knowledge they have gained from problems they have dealt with in the past, which I’m leveraging for my company.” - Founder, Gift Service Company
    Another client, a founder of a media company, praised us on Clutch as well. “We started with around 500 clicks a day, processing $200-$500 a day in revenue. Capping out around 1,000 clicks was a good day for us early on. Now we’re doing more than 10 times the traffic. We get around 10,000 clicks a day. We do $6,000–$10,000 per day now in revenue. Just those two metrics, although very general, show the growth of the company and how Codal has handled that. It’s a pretty big jump from where we started.”
    We are happy to be featured as a global leader. As a known agency leader for UX and development, we have written for several publications, and it is welcoming to know that our track record with clients is now globally recognized as well. We look forward to starting more journeys with companies and continuing to demonstrate our knowledge and skill for our clients.

    Written by Clare Bittourna