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    Codal named 2021 BigCommerce Agency Partner of the Year

    Codal was named the 2021 BigCommerce Agency Partner of the Year at the annual 2021 BigCommerce Partner Awards - Americas in Austin, Texas.

    Codal was named the 2021 BigCommerce Agency Partner of the Year at the annual 2021 BigCommerce Partner Awards - Americas in Austin, Texas. The award recognizes the year’s leading agency partner for delivering “extraordinary and innovative work for BigCommerce merchants.”
    The award represents a significant achievement for Codal. Codal’s unique process—combined with BigCommerce’s cutting-edge technology—has enabled businesses across all industries to embrace omnichannel eCommerce, headless architecture, and other game-changing strategies.
    Codal is proud to be recognized for delivering superior eCommerce solutions to a diverse group of clients.
    The agency is currently collaborating with BigCommerce on a number of groundbreaking projects, while also recruiting new talent—including the best UX designers, engineers, and product managers working today. “BigCommerce has long been a trusted partner and ally to our agency,” said Codal CEO Keval Baxi. “We strive to launch and support the most innovative eCommerce solutions for our clients, including omnichannel, headless, and other enterprise eCommerce projects. And for our team to be recognized for that work is incredibly fulfilling.”
    Codal also received the 2021 User Experience & Design Award, which highlights powerful online store design that leads to stronger customer engagement, conversions, and sales.
    Many of Codal’s clients leverage the BigCommerce platform to power their next-generation eCommerce experiences—as it provides the necessary scale, security, and flexibility to maximize internal efficiencies and exceed customer expectations.
    “Codal’s partnership with BigCommerce is really meaningful to our Global eCommerce team, but the thing that makes BigCommerce so great to work with—besides the flexibility of the platform itself—is the partner support for both pre-sales and project delivery,” said Ryan Bloms, Codal’s eCommerce Partner Manager.
    “Anytime we partner with BigCommerce on a merchant opportunity, I know that we have a significant chance of determining a winning solution for the merchant's project. And that BigCommerce support continues from pre-sales all the way through project launch and beyond.”
    This is the fourth annual installment of the BigCommerce Partner Awards. Both agency and technology partners are recognized every year. Award recipients are determined by a team of BigCommerce judges and selected based on their “commitment to customers, the impact of their solutions, and the exemplary use of the BigCommerce platform.”
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    Written by Chris Powers