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    Codal leads discussion on AI in eCommerce at the Bloomreach Edge Summit

    Codal attended the Bloomreach Edge Summit in Napa Valley, California, where we hosted an immersive discussion about the four stages of AI maturity. 

    There’s been a lot of talk around artificial intelligence recently, but many businesses are in the dark when it comes to areas of eCommerce that can be optimized through AI, the current solutions available, and how to get started implementing them. On August 24-25, Bloomreach hosted a two-day event in Napa Valley, California, where business leaders from across industries came together—both in-person and virtually—to discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding AI in eCommerce.
    Bloomreach is an eCommerce experience platform that offers a suite of AI-enabled tools to help merchants personalize their on-site search, product merchandising, email marketing, and more. As a close partner, Codal collaborates with Bloomreach to help mutual clients leverage AI, and ultimately drive conversions and gain a competitive edge for their brand.
    Our leadership team attended the Bloomreach Edge Summit, where we hosted a workshop called A Better View: The 4 Stages of AI Maturity for Ecommerce Companies.
    In this immersive discussion, we guided participants through each maturity stage: Exploration, Adoption, Guidance, and Automation. To advance from one stage to the next, businesses must have a certain level of “data readiness.” For example, to reach the Guidance stage, where AI is used to make decisions through functions like predictive analytics, data from multiple sources must be cleansed, enriched, deduplicated, transformed, and centralized via automatic—not manual—data pipelining. To learn more, check out this blog that Bloomreach published about Codal’s guide to AI maturity.
    The Bloomreach Edge Summit was an unforgettable experience. On top of the incredible scenery and even more incredible wine, our team was able to talk with all kinds of business leaders about the possibilities of AI, how it’s currently reshaping the future of eCommerce, and most importantly, the necessary steps for implementing and optimizing AI solutions. We also debuted a new video highlighting how Codal can elevate your AI-powered eCommerce experience.
    If you missed the Bloomreach Edge Summit, you can still watch the livestream video here. And if you’re interested in modernizing your eCommerce experience with AI and other powerful technologies, get in touch with a member of our team today!

    Written by Gibson Toombs