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    Codal hosts roundtable discussion on enterprise eCommerce at the 2023 Shopify Partner Summit

    At Shopify’s recent Enterprise Partner Summit, Codal’s Keval Baxi and Ryan Bloms led a roundtable discussion about our recent work in automotive eCommerce, as well as how we utilize Shopify Hydrogen and other composable solutions to modernize business ecosystems. Check out this blog to learn more.

    For the first time since 2019, Shopify brought its enterprise partners together for a two-day summit, where leaders from partner agencies and consultancies participated in workshops, roundtable discussions, and other insightful activities focused around the current challenges and opportunities in eCommerce.
    For the 2023 partner summit, the Shopify team invited Codal’s Keval Baxi, CEO, and Ryan Bloms, Director of Partnerships, to discuss our recent collaboration with an enterprise company in the automotive industry.
    The business needed to unite multiple brands and revamp its customer experience with a modern tech stack—one that could effectively scale for the future and seamlessly adapt to ever-changing auto industry trends and standards.
    Codal leveraged Shopify Hydrogen to re-architect the business’ ecosystem with a headless approach. On the back end, our team developed a composable solution that allows the business to add, edit, and track the performance of multiple online storefronts from a single dashboard. We also helped integrate a centralized product information management (PIM) system that streamlines the handling of fitment data for thousands of car parts. And on the front end, we designed a consistent, data-driven UX/UI to drive sales and conversions on each storefront.
    In the format of a roundtable discussion, Keval and Ryan walked through Codal’s process, Shopify’s indispensable role in this project, how we were able to exceed the client’s expectations, and lessons learned along the way. We also used this case study to address greater opportunities in the world of automotive eCommerce. Many enterprises in this industry are still relying on monolithic legacy systems, and are interested in leveraging headless solutions like Shopify Hydrogen to drive efficiency and deliver more personalized customer experiences.
    The Shopify platform is growing fast, powering the eCommerce experience for more enterprise merchants than any of its competitors.

    Written by Gibson Toombs