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    Buy with Prime & Codal: Streamlining checkout and order fulfillment for eCommerce merchants

    The speed and convenience of Amazon has set a new standard for eCommerce merchants. Today’s online shoppers expect an intuitive checkout process, free shipping, and one to two-day deliveries—but many brands lack the technology and resources to meet this expectation.

    The speed and convenience of Amazon has set a new standard for eCommerce merchants. Today’s online shoppers expect an intuitive checkout process, free shipping, and one to two-day deliveries—but many brands lack the technology and resources to meet this expectation.
    As an enterprise consultancy specializing in eCommerce, Codal helps brands solve problems like high abandonment and low conversion rates through modern, data-driven UX/UI design and best-in-breed third-party solutions.
    For merchants currently listing products on and leveraging Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Buy with Prime offers a solution to shopping cart abandonment. Now, merchants can implement the checkout experience that millions of Amazon Prime members trust for their online store. In fact, merchants that added Buy with Prime as an option at checkout experienced a 25%* average increase in their shopper conversion rate.
    Codal collaborates with a wide range of technology providers to not only recommend, but integrate, manage, and optimize the best third-party solutions for our clients, based on their unique goals and technical requirements. Thus, to help our current and future clients meet user expectations at checkout, optimize their end-to-end customer journey, and ultimately grow their online business, Codal became a Buy with Prime Partner.

    How does Buy with Prime work?

    Ecommerce businesses can add a Buy with Prime button as a checkout option on their website product pages, enabling shoppers to use their Amazon Prime account to make purchases. For the customer, this saves time and energy in the checkout process by automatically pulling payment and shipping details from their Amazon account. It also helps establish purchase confidence by providing a familiar and trusted shopping experience for Prime members.
    For the merchant, the order fulfillment process for Buy with Prime purchases is executed through Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment. With over 200 fulfillment centers, Amazon has one of the largest, most technologically advanced fulfillment networks in the world, providing impressive shipping speed, efficiency, and delivery for Prime members. Buy with Prime allows eCommerce merchants both big and small to leverage this order fulfillment experience on their own websites.
    In addition, merchants can access Buy with Prime analytics to better understand their customers’ purchasing habits, make more informed updates to their checkout flow, and enhance their retargeting campaigns. The Buy with Prime merchant console makes it easy to analyze and report on critical data regarding sales, returns, average order volume, and more.  
    To get started with Buy with Prime , you must have a US-based entity, and a Professional Seller Central account or an Amazon Supply Chain account, as well as an Amazon Pay account. If you don’t already have these accounts set up, you can do so in the Buy with Prime registration process. You can learn more here .
    Buy with Prime is compatible with most eCommerce service providers , including one of Codal’s key partners, BigCommerce.
    By offering the Buy with Prime experience on your site, you can help establish credibility with new customers, meet current expectations around eCommerce shipping, access customer and order information, and ultimately convert Amazon Prime members into loyal customers.

    Rounding out the customer experience with fast and easy checkout

    Partnering with Buy with Prime helps Codal maximize results for our eCommerce clients. We design, develop, test, launch, and maintain online stores with the goal of driving customer engagement, conversions, and sales. So it’s not surprising that we would collaborate with Buy with Prime, as the solution provides merchants the ability to offer their customers a simple checkout experience, followed by the most efficient order fulfillment process available.
    Codal helps merchants set up Buy with Prime for their site, then provides eCommerce strategies and solutions to drive more traffic to their Buy with Prime checkout page, while simultaneously streaming back-office workflows. This often involves updating legacy systems and replatforming, data-driven UX/UI design, conversion rate optimization (CRO) campaigns, proactive website maintenance, and more.

    Implement Buy with Prime and optimize your eCommerce experience

    Every online business wants to cut abandonment and boost conversions, but there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Here at Codal, we craft custom, data-driven strategies that equip your business for long-term growth and success. In addition to a global staff of expert designers, developers, analysts, product managers, and strategists, we’ve got a network of industry-leading technology providers like Buy with Prime that enable us to go to market quickly and effectively with superior eCommerce solutions.
    To learn more about adding Buy with Prime to your site, working with Codal, and modernizing your end-to-end eCommerce experience, get in touch with a member of our team today!

    Written by Gibson Toombs