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    The advantages of healthcare eCommerce

    User-centric medical care hasn’t always been a priority.

    User-centric medical care hasn’t always been a priority. But today, with a smartphone in every pocket, access to limitless resources through the internet, and research available at the click of a button, expectations from both medical professionals and patients are changing. Utilizing technology to support this shift has allowed healthcare providers to launch solutions that would be impossible just a few years ago.
    Healthcare eCommerce solutions have seen rapid adoption in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it obvious that tools and technologies that drive down costs, make care more accessible, and create better patient experiences are essential.
    But the healthcare sector is historically slow to change. Due to significant regulatory requirements, privacy and security needs, and compliance concerns, some healthcare companies have been reluctant to go all-in on healthcare eCommerce solutions.
    There’s a big upside to embracing healthcare’s digital transformation. In this blog post, we’ll examine the key advantages of healthcare eCommerce solutions, and how they can alleviate some of the most pressing pain points in our large, multifaceted healthcare system.

    The advantages of healthcare eCommerce

    Improved access to care

    Access to care is one of the most important challenges currently facing the healthcare industry. A recent study found that US adults are far more likely than those in 10 other countries to forego essential care due to costs and other factors . Additionally, patients in rural and less-populated areas are less likely to seek necessary treatment and care due to long travel distances to healthcare facilities. -significantly lower than the ratio of 53.3 physicians per 100,000 in urban areas.
    While healthcare eCommerce solutions can never supplant in-person healthcare, they can certainly help bridge the gap and improve access to patient care. Telehealth platforms are making it easier for patients to connect with physicians in a timely manner from the comfort of their homes. Online pharmacies make it possible for patients to fill prescriptions and have them delivered directly to their door.
    As more and more healthcare organizations deploy commerce technologies and strategies, they can help create better, safer, and more streamlined patient experiences that improve access to care and deliver better healthcare outcomes.

    Decreased costs

    Cost is seen as another significant barrier to adequate care for patients in the US. ECommerce healthcare technologies like tele-health solutions can help deliver care more cost-effectively than in-person visits, without sacrificing quality.
    A recent study from Philadelphia-based Jefferson Health found that significant cost savings are possible with tele-health solutions. Using data from 650 patients on its tele-health platform, the study revealed a large amount of cost savings was achieved by diverting patients from emergency departments to virtual visits.
    "The net cost savings to the patient or payer per telemedicine visit of $19 to $121 represents a meaningful cost savings when compared with the $49 cost of an on-demand visit. The primary source of the generated savings is from avoidance of the emergency department, as this is by far the most expensive of the alternative care options provided," .
    Telemedicine and other eCommerce healthcare solutions succeed in not only improving access to care for patients but driving down costs as well.

    Better patient experiences

    Traditional healthcare technologies are not exactly known for prioritizing the patient—or user—experience. By contrast, eCommerce solutions understand that a solid user experience (UX)—or customer experience—is essential to the long-term success of an online shopping environment. Healthcare eCommerce solutions embrace this “customer-first” mentality, helping to create streamlined, intuitive patient healthcare journeys.
    Healthcare eCommerce solutions offer easily navigable, mobile-first interfaces that enable patients to find what they need fast. Solutions that implement consumer eCommerce-like features-including easy appointment scheduling, digital payment processing, patient portals, and more-stand to improve patient satisfaction by placing the patient at the center of all activities.
    Imagine this scenario: a patient is sick and schedules a tele-health appointment with a physician. After talking through symptoms with the patient, the physician makes a diagnosis and prescribes medication. Using an online pharmacy marketplace, the patient orders the medication and receives the shipment in a matter of hours.
    This scenario outlines a truly streamlined patient experience. The patient has talked with a physician, received a diagnosis, and got medication, all without leaving their home. The future of healthcare is built around putting the patient first in all aspects of care. Healthcare eCommerce takes a consumer-focused approach to ensure the care journey is seamless.

    The future of healthcare eCommerce

    The healthcare industry is currently experiencing rapid technological innovation. From internet of things (IoT) devices to 3D printing, countless organizations are using cutting-edge tech to bolster treatment options, improve patient experiences, and save lives. Codal is proud to partner with innovators, educators, and technologists advancing healthcare. We support their efforts by creating unparalleled digital experiences that are impactful on a global scale while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security.
    By implementing eCommerce technologies and strategies , a healthcare provider can provide better care to patients, reduce costs, drive better outcomes, and find its footing in a competitive market.
    Here at Codal, we’re a savvy design and development agency that can help you unleash the full potential of your healthcare organization’s eCommerce capabilities. We’ve helped healthcare providers of all types improve their tools, technologies, and practices to drive down costs and run more efficiently. So when your company becomes interested in embracing commerce technology to deliver better patient outcomes, we’re here to lend our expertise.
    For a healthier, smarter and innovative future, Codal is leading the industry with healthcare IT solutions around the globe. Our experts are connecting clinical processes with patients and healthcare professionals to digitally transform the industry.
    Codal has engineered web solutions for psychiatric care providers, athletic medical record companies, healthcare transportation services, and medical cosmetology organizations in North America and beyond. We will continue to enhance and improve healthcare technology while engaging the general population and fostering cultural and technological change within the industry.
    To learn more about Codal’s healthcare eCommerce solutions get in touch with us.

    Written by Chris Powers