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    Creating a HIPAA-compliant portal for dermatologists and their patients.

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    RegimenPro offers an extensive physicians’ network, helping patients connect with a licensed dermatologist for a customized skincare routine with high-quality products.

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    The Challenge
    Increasing online engagement among physicians and patients
    RegimenPro was confronted with a multifaceted obstacle to increasing sales on its digital marketplace.
    To attract more physicians to the platform, the brand needed an intuitive portal that would alleviate common pain points around traditional in-office product ordering. These pain points also needed to be addressed on the consumer side, with a user-friendly site for patients—not currently seeing a dermatologist—to receive a customized regimen of high-quality products that could be ordered directly to their door.
    The challenge for Codal was clear: Create an intelligent, HIPAA-compliant portal for physicians to create and manage their patients’ regimens, build a platform for patients to access their personalized regimen and products, and wrap it all up in a streamlined Shopify Plus eCommerce site with a smooth and engaging user experience.
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    Regimen Pro website mobile
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    Identifying opportunities on both the patient and physician side
    Codal began with an in-depth Discovery phase, where we closely collaborated with RegimenPro stakeholders, as well as some of its partner dermatologists. Codal’s UX designers and developers worked with these groups to outline the scope of work, defining strategies, technical requirements, and user types on the platform.
    This collaborative Discovery process allowed Codal to explore the business’ existing technology stack, relevant market trends, physician and patient goals and expectations, and digital innovation opportunities—while receiving real-time feedback from RegimenPro stakeholders.
    Regimen Pro website desktop
    Building functionality to support personalized skincare regimens
    Following Discovery, our team had a clear picture of what features were essential to the success of the new physician portal.
    As a Shopify Plus partner, Codal designs and develops cutting-edge user experiences that increase and optimize our clients’ conversions. Migrating the RegimenPro marketplace to Shopify Plus provided the perfect platform on which to build a physicians’ portal, as well as create an effortless customer experience.
    Using middleware built on Ruby on Rails and Vue.js, Codal engineers created an intuitive environment for physicians to create and manage unique patient regimens, create pre-set regimens, designate their preferred products, and track key data related to patient ordering.
    To provide a superior experience for first-time users without an assigned physician, Codal worked with RegimenPro’s partners to create an in-depth quiz that assess users’ skincare needs—without ever having to set foot in a dermatologist’s office.
    After answering nine questions and providing some supplementary information, the quiz generates a custom skincare regimen, incorporating all of RegimenPro’s products. Working with partner physicians, the Codal team created an extensive logic tree to provide tailored product recommendations, based on a user’s age, gender, skin type, and more. This logic tree is capable of producing over 1,600 unique regimens, all backed by actual physician recommendations.
    Next, it was time for the UX team to create user journeys that ensure every interaction on the site is meaningful. Based on these journeys, our designers built interactive wireframes, which were handed off to Codal’s UI designers to incorporate RegimenPro’s branding and visual motifs. Our expert Shopify Plus developers constructed the site using these wireframes, tying together both the physician portal and the built-from-scratch patient quiz application.
    Regimen Pro website mobile
    The Result
    A superior solution for dermatologists and their patients
    RegimenPro’s new eCommerce experience provides a first-class user journey for multiple audiences.
    For physicians, it provides a central hub to manage all aspects of patient regimens, making it easy to recommend and order products, either in-office or remotely.
    For consumers, the RegimenPro site delivers a custom skin-care regimen with just a few clicks, saving the hassle of locating a dermatologist, scheduling an appointment, and obtaining products directly from a physician’s office.
    All constructed on a lean, intuitive Shopify Plus platform, the RegimenPro marketplace helps patients and doctors connect to establish high-end skincare regimens backed by data and medical expertise.

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