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    Helping an innovative pet food brand launch its first eCommerce website.

    Dog eating Nulo food

    One of the fastest growing pet food brands in the US, Nulo offers a diverse product portfolio that includes kibble, wet food, freeze-dried raw food, treats, and more for both dogs and cats.

    Services & Technology

    Nulo website desktop
    Dog with Nulo food
    Nulo website mobile
    The Challenge
    Nulo needed to bring its customer experience online with a modern eCommerce website.
    Due to its scalability, reliability, and sophisticated app integration capabilities, Nulo chose to build its online store on the Shopify Plus platform. As a certified Shopify Plus partner, Codal is extremely familiar with the ins and outs of one the most capable cloud-based eCommerce platforms—and was therefore well-positioned to stand up Nulo’s first eCommerce site.
    Nulo website desktop
    Nulo website mobile
    Cat with Nulo food
    Bringing to the table in-depth knowledge and experience around Shopify Plus implementations, Codal collaborated closely with Nulo stakeholders to fully understand the key goals and requirements for this new eCommerce site.
    Nulo website desktop
    Working from 70+ designs provided by another agency partnered with Nulo, Codal developers got to work architecting its Shopify Plus site.
    Our team worked to tailor Nulo’s selected theme while building custom-designed pages from scratch. We also implemented an intelligent user interface (UI) to ensure easy site navigation for customers. Once developed, the site was pushed to a staging environment for initial testing, configuration, and migration.
    Nulo was operating an existing website built on the Contentful content management system (CMS). Data from this site—as well as many other systems—needed to be migrated to the new eCommerce site. Codal engineers mapped out an extensive data migration process that ensured all relevant data was seamlessly transferred over to Nulo’s new Shopify Plus site.
    Among the features and functionality that our team implemented for Nulo’s eCommerce site was a complex product locator. Implemented using Destini, a leading product locator solution, the feature allows customers to easily find Nulo products available at retailers near them.
    Nulo website mobile
    The Result
    Representing its first foray into the world of eCommerce, Nulo’s Shopify Plus website is built for long-term success.
    Thanks to its flexibility and extensive integration capabilities, Shopify Plus was the perfect platform on which to build Nulo’s eCommerce business. Codal’s expert designers and engineers were able to identify exactly how to tailor the Shopify Plus platform to Nulo’s business goals.
    Because of our extensive experience with Shopify Plus and the greater eCommerce landscape, Codal was able to help Nulo launch its first online store in under 10 weeks.