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    Redesigning the website for an innovative brewery and restaurant in Chicago.

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    A hometown hero with a globe-spanning drink menu, Moody Tongue is a restaurant and brewery serving some of the finest ales and lagers Chicago has to offer.

    Services & Technology

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    The Challenge
    Looking to strengthen brand awareness, while providing customers with insight into its process and product line, Moody Tongue’s redesigned website had to be clean and elegant, and embody the company’s ethos.
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    Moody Tongue beers
    Before Codal got to work planning, architecting, and designing Moody Tongue’s revamped website, we conducted a series of collaborative ideation sessions with the client and its employees.
    Brainstorming with the Moody Tongue team, we generated novel approaches to some of the project’s main design challenges, and even ideated what would become some of the site’s most distinctive features—like an interactive way for users to learn about the flavor profiles, ingredients, and pairings of Moody Tongue’s wide selection of beers.
    Moody Tongue website desktop
    Moody Tongue’s redesigned website had to project an aura of elegance and refinement, encouraging users to explore its offerings, learn about Moody Tongue’s story and process, and discover upcoming events, products, and tastings.
    To execute this aesthetic, our UX team took a minimalist approach to the experience design process, while still prioritizing the principles of user-centric design above all other concerns. We were able to deconstruct the end user’s needs and expectations into smaller pieces, making it easier to reduce both the amount and complexity of pages.
    Avoiding common extraneous elements like traditional hero sections, an overabundance of interactivity, tall footers, and unnecessary sidebars, our designers dedicated more screen real estate to the product—putting Moody Tongue’s culinary beers front and center.
    Codal redesigned the site’s homepage, press page, about page, and product pages with simple layouts that convey the Moody Tongue essence. Our team also streamlined the process of purchasing merchandise—such as hats and t-shirts—from the company’s site, which involved deploying a new shopping cart, checkout, and order confirmation page.
    Moody Tongue website mobile
    The Result
    Moody Tongue continues to provide a unique and delicious culinary beer experience for foodies and beer-drinkers alike. After partnering with Codal, the brand has a website that’s as smooth, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing as its brewery and restaurant in Chicago.

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