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    Streamlining the path-to-purchase for exercise equipment, apparel, and accessories.

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    Mark Bell Sling Shot is a cutting-edge fitness company offering patented exercise equipment, apparel, and accessories.

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    Mark Bell Sling Shot website desktop
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    Mark Bell Sling Shot website mobile
    The Challenge
    While MBSS offers truly inventive fitness products, its eCommerce site was cumbersome and difficult to navigate—so its paths-to-purchase and overall shopping experience needed to be streamlined. Plus, the MBSS site was seeing almost six times as many mobile users as desktop users, yet lacked a truly mobile-first design.
    MBSS was employing the robust Shopify Plus platform, but it wasn’t taking full advantage of the platform’s best-in-class tools to deliver a seamless and engaging online shopping experience. MBSS had innovative products, compelling branding, and the power of a premier eCommerce platform. It just needed help delivering a cutting-edge experience that would drive customer engagement, conversions, and sales.
    Mark Bell Sling Shot desktop website
    Mark Bell Sling Shot website mobile
    Man powerlifting
    Codal began by conducting a full-scale eCommerce audit of MBSS’ website. Analyzing everything from the site’s homepage, to its product categorization, to the checkout process, our team determined key areas for improvement to help streamline the customer journey.
    By putting the entire site under a microscope, then comparing it to fitness eCommerce industry standards, trends, and best practices, we were able to identify key areas where MBSS could improve how customers engage with and move through the site.
    Mark Bell Sling Shot website desktop
    Based on the eCommerce audit, our team isolated multiple improvements. A key principle became making it as easy as possible for customers to access the products that are most relevant to their wants, needs, and interests. This could be achieved through several modifications, such as implementing more thematic paths to products and category pages, and making search and filtering more robust to allow for more users to easily access products and content.
    Codal executed these changes by migrating the MBSS site to Shopify Plus’ Impulse theme, which offers key functionality that improves site navigability. This includes the ability to display menu lists on the site’s homepage, create collection sub-listings, and create custom filters and tags to help customers easily browse for and locate products. The Impulse theme also provided a perfect foundation for Codal to implement custom designs.
    In addition to these UX improvements, Codal helped MBSS implement key plugins to improve its marketing efforts, including Shogun, Yotpo, and Klaviyo. Our team also launched an international version of the MBSS site—complete with automatic currency exchange and translation functionality—to cater to users outside of North America, and ultimately extend the brand’s international reach.
    Mark Bell Sling Shot website mobile
    The Result
    Codal’s optimization of MBSS’ online store resulted in a more seamless and engaging eCommerce presence that drives engagement, conversions, and sales.
    Thanks to some crucial UX changes—namely those specific to the Shopify Plus Impulse theme—MBSS’ eCommerce site delivers a superior online shopping experience worthy of its quality fitness and lifestyle products.
    In a testament to Codal’s status as a trusted MBSS partner, Codal continues working on the site, optimizing and building out new features and functionality to enhance the customer experience across devices.

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