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    Establishing a superior online presence for an innovative brand in the mobile banking space.

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    MANTL helps modernize banks and credit unions with an innovative platform that streamlines the onboarding process for both consumer and business accounts.

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    The Challenge
    Turning the marketing website into a lead generation machine
    The MANTL leadership team knew they could be generating more leads from their website. Most users were not advancing beyond the homepage, requesting product demos, or interacting with the site’s blogs and other content.
    Our mission was to improve these metrics with modern UX/UI design, driven by data and cutting-edge technology.
    At the time, the MANTL platform was just designed to streamline business-account openings. So adding the new consumer-focused product played a big role in the company’s rebranding and UX/UI redesign.
    Now that MANTL offered an onboarding solution to banks for both individual and commercial customers, the brand’s website needed to reflect that. When potential customers visited the site, it was imperative that they could quickly and easily:
    Understand the high-level features and functionality included in the consumer-account and/or the business-account opening product.
    Learn about the platform’s key benefits, like the fact that it can increase account application submissions by 4x.
    View case studies to see real-life examples of how MANTL has helped banks enhance their customer experience.
    Request a product demo from anywhere on the site.
    Once our team was aligned with the MANTL team on goals, requirements, timeline, and budget, we were ready to kick off the project.
    Mantl website desktop
    Mantl website mobile
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    Understanding the wants, needs, and behaviors of both individual and commercial customers
    In the initial Discovery phase, we learned the ins and outs of the MANTL brand, as well as its current sales and marketing processes, customer base, and competitors. This involved conducting market research, analyzing website data, and reviewing the business’ front- and back-end technologies.
    During our Discovery, we found that 60% of users who landed on the homepage would leave without any sort of interaction. This meant that the homepage and navigation bar needed to be updated with a smoother, more engaging user flow.
    We also found that over 20 news articles had been published about MANTL in the past year, but that these articles were only available on the About Us page. What other people say about a brand is arguably more important to potential customers than what the brand has to say about itself—so we decided to promote news content by giving it its own section on the homepage.
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    Driving demo requests for two different products on one site
    On the product side of things, we needed to reestablish MANTL as a multi-service provider that focuses on both business and consumers as the end user. This would involve building a new product page for the consumer platform, as well as redesigning the homepage to include quick facts and statistics about both products.
    The lack of CTAs was another issue that needed to be addressed. To improve conversions, it was essential that users could—at any point in their journey—click the “Request a Demo” button, fill out a basic contact sheet, and be connected with a sales representative.
    Finally, the website needed a responsive design, so that users could access it via smartphones, tablets, and other devices—without experiencing issues like stressful design layouts or slow page loading times.
    Codal and MANTL met once a week over Zoom to go over designs, demo new website features, and address any potential risks or opportunities moving forward. Our team was in constant communication with MANTL’s stakeholders, SMEs, and marketing personnel to collect feedback on our designs, and ensure that all project requirements were being met.
    Mantl website mobile
    The Result
    A revamped marketing site with a wide range of financial thought leadership content
    Codal elevated MANTL’s online presence by redesigning critical aspects of the UX/UI, including the site’s homepage, product pages, careers page, blog, contact forms, and case studies.
    Specifically, these are some of the key features and functionalities our team designed, developed, tested, and deployed to enhance MANTL’s front-end experience:
    Components across the site that allow future additions of content whilst remaining on brand.
    Locked case studies that site visitors can download by providing their contact information, which helps generate leads for the sales team. This also helps optimize follow-up emails to prospects, as the salesperson can formulate their messaging based on the specific case study that was requested.
    A new resource library that includes copy and media for a range of audiences—with the added benefit of locking particular materials, then delivering them to visitors that have submitted interest.
    An internal landing page builder to help the sales team create tailored landing pages for events and unique marketing campaigns, without going off brand.
    A careers portal integration with Greenhouse’s recruiting software, so users can view and apply for jobs without having to leave the MANTL site.
    An enhanced sales funnel that integrates with Marketo’s marketing automation software. The site can now remember if a visitor has already provided their contact information, so they don’t get asked to provide it again, and can continue accessing unlocked materials.
    MANTL’s updated website now performs better in search engines, experiences stronger user engagement, and converts more site visitors into leads for the sales team.
    We’re incredibly proud of what our team was able to accomplish on this project, and we’re excited to see how MANTL continues to grow and innovate in the world of online banking.

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