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    Launching a website to help educate people on the efforts to cure epilepsy.

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    Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and funding patient-focused research in the hopes of one day finding a cure for epilepsy.

    Services & Technology

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    The Challenge
    Codal’s goal was to improve CURE’s conversion metrics, ensuring a larger number of people were educated on the organization’s efforts to cure epilepsy.
    Doctor browsing Cure website
    Cure website mobile
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    Our team conducted an in-depth audit of CURE’s existing tech stack and internal workflows, particularly focusing on how the organization creates, deploys, manages, and updates website content—from personal stories and news articles, to webinars and podcasts. We also analyzed the site’s individual web pages and overall structure to identify various conversion rate optimization (CRO) opportunities.
    Cure website desktop
    The first step was migrating CURE from Drupal to Wordpress, a CMS that more closely aligned with the organization’s content needs.
    After selecting an optimal template as a launching pad, Codal’s designers and WordPress engineers sat down to customize the site, tailoring it to CURE’s functional and aesthetic requirements. We then tackled the information architecture of CURE’s site, building out new pages and features, while also updating older pages in need of reorganization.
    Of the features our UX designers and engineers upgraded, we’re most proud of the audio experience built for Seizing Life, CURE’s inspirational podcast. With an in-site audio player and full integration with industry-standard podcasting platforms, this feature has given a new life to one of the organization’s most important assets.
    After overseeing its redesign and development from start to finish, Codal optimized the site for lead generation, implementing a MailChimp integration and a configurable lead capture pop-up.
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    The Result
    Codal was proud to partner with CURE—providing technical expertise and UX design updates—to help spread the word about research and efforts toward curing epilepsy.
    With these new mechanisms installed, CURE was able to expand its following and re-engage its existing donor base.
    CURE has raised over $60 million for epilepsy research.

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