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The ROI of Modernizing Your Law Firms Legacy Technology [Whitepaper]

Gibson Toombs
March 3rd, 2021

Is your law firm putting significant time and resources into tedious duties like organizing case files, photocopying documents, sorting through stacks of contracts, mailing invoices, and sending out basic updates to clients? By modernizing your firm’s legacy technology, you can save time and money, while keeping your clients happy and your employees focused on more productive and fruitful tasks. 

Stakeholders at traditional law firms are often resistant to invest in new legal technologies, due to a lack of technical knowledge and a propensity for getting things done in a way that’s familiar to them. However, the ROI of implementing modern digital tools and platforms is becoming harder to ignore. 

Recent data and statistics show that when law firms embrace new technologies, they gain a competitive advantage in the space, experiencing improved workflows, greater client satisfaction, and increased revenue. Now, an increasing number of firms held back by the old ways of doing business are hopping onto the modernization trend—with the COVID-19 pandemic playing a notable role. 

An advanced and scalable technological infrastructure allows your law firm to operate faster and smarter, with tasks that used to take days or weeks now taking only a few hours or minutes to complete. This digital transformation can involve the implementation of many different technologies, including: 

  • Automation tools
  • Cloud computing services
  • Electronic payment processing platforms
  • Data mining software
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

In this whitepaper, we dive deep into the benefits of modernizing your law firm’s legacy technology. From the top legal tech trends to the most innovative strategies and tools being used by lawyers today, we’ll give you the information you need to show your firm’s stakeholders the potential ROI of modernization. And when it’s time to initiate the digital transformation, Codal can help guide you through the process with a data-backed strategy, cutting-edge tools, and a team of expert developers, designers, testers, and analysts.  

Ready to learn more about the ROI of legal tech? Download our free whitepaper today!

Gibson Toombs

Gibson Toombs

Gibson Toombs is a Technical Content Writer at Codal. His writing career began in 2015 after graduating from the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. Since then, he has worked on many projects, covering a wide range of technical topics, from solar energy to cybersecurity. When he’s not taking complex ideas and turning them into easily-digestible pieces of content, Gibson can be found playing guitar and writing songs at his apartment in Chicago.


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