How to start selling pet subscription boxes online [eBook]

Chris Powers
October 11th, 2021

In order to forge long-term relationships with customers and drive sustainable revenue growth, pet eCommerce brands adopt a subscription model and offer creative and engaging subscription boxes.

ECommerce brands with a subscription model see up to 8x on their company valuation over those driven by one-time purchases only. Subscriptions have grown 100% year over year since 2011, which is extremely impressive considering the global eCommerce growth rate sits around 20% per year.

For eCommerce brands, a subscription model offers a host of benefits across all aspects of their businesses. Subscription models are designed for customer retainment. It can be costly to draw in new customers, but would you rather spend a big chunk of your marketing budget to get customers to make one-time purchases, or spend the same amount on getting them to sign up for a subscription?

Subscription boxes are an engaging, customer-friendly method of creating repeatable revenue and laying the groundwork for long-term eCommerce growth. In this eBook, we’ll examine some key strategies for pet brands looking to launch subscription boxes. 

Download the eBook today for the ultimate primer to achieving subscription box success with pet products!

Chris Powers

Chris Powers

Chris is a Content Marketing Specialist at Codal. With a background in journalism and marketing, Chris has written about a variety of tech topics, including open source, fintech, and cybersecurity. Chris loves taking on new challenges with just a pen, paper, and his brain.



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