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How to Modernize Your Law Firm: Everything You Need to Know from Website Design to Updating Legacy Software [eBook]

Gibson Toombs
March 10th, 2021

Modernizing your law firm’s website and internal processes—with digital technologies like chatbots, legal case management software, e-filing applications, and document automation tools—will help you better serve your clients, improve your brand’s reputation, and create more opportunities for growth. 

The legal industry, in general, has been resistant to change, due to a lack of technical knowledge and other concerns among law firm decision-makers. However, the data and research collected over the past few years do not lie. 

By adopting certain technological trends that have transformed the way people and organizations interact with each other, like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, automation, and data analysis, law firms can streamline their internal workflows, win more cases, increase client satisfaction, and boost revenue. 

In this eBook, we discuss innovative trends and technologies that are transforming the legal industry. From platforms that enable effective data management and client communication to AI-driven tools that help with producing and reviewing documents, modern legal technology can take your law firm to the next level. 

Not only will adopting new digital solutions improve your current client relationships and attract more prospects, but it will also save time and money. Old, manual, and tedious processes like sorting through stacks of paperwork, making photocopies of contracts, and mailing invoices to clients can now be automated with faster, more efficient systems—giving you, your employees, and your associates more time to focus on greater business objectives. 

When you’re ready to modernize your law firm via cutting-edge legal technology, Codal can help. With a team of expert web developers and designers, and over ten years of experience working with law firms, we’ll help you solve your current business problems with a tailored, data-backed digital transformation strategy. 

Learn more about the technologies that are changing how law firms do business by downloading our free eBook today!

Gibson Toombs

Gibson Toombs

Gibson Toombs is a Technical Content Writer at Codal. His writing career began in 2015 after graduating from the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. Since then, he has worked on many projects, covering a wide range of technical topics, from solar energy to cybersecurity. When he’s not taking complex ideas and turning them into easily-digestible pieces of content, Gibson can be found playing guitar and writing songs at his apartment in Chicago.


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