Is headless or microservices architecture right for your business? [whitepaper]

Chris Powers
January 27th, 2021

The eCommerce space is experiencing rapid technological growth and innovation. Businesses are capitalizing on new and exciting technologies to deliver transformative eCommerce solutions, provide superior customer experiences, and boost conversions.

These days, businesses need their eCommerce platforms to be flexible, customizable, and scalable. As the industry moves away from traditional, monolithic architectures, businesses are seeking truly modular and agile eCommerce setups. That’s where both headless eCommerce and microservices come into play.

Both headless and microservices architectures offer numerous advantages for eCommerce companies. They both seek to streamline time-to-market and sever the presentation layer of an eCommerce application from its back-end components. Both headless and microservices approaches do this in the name of flexibility and scalability, helping companies to be nimble and experimental in order to attract new customers and boost conversions.

At Codal, we work to help our clients and engineer their eCommerce solutions for an innovative future. Whether you’re redesigning your entire site or just need a few tweaks, there isn’t an eCommerce problem we can’t tackle. We’ve worked with both headless and microservices architectures to deliver customer-centric shopping experiences for our clients. 

In this whitepaper, we’ll:

  • Define both headless and microservices architectures as they pertain to eCommerce
  • Outline the benefits are both approaches
  • Explain the difference between headless and microservices
  • Help you consider if either approach is right for your business

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Chris Powers

Chris Powers

Chris is a Content Marketing Specialist at Codal. With a background in journalism and marketing, Chris has written about a variety of tech topics, including open source, fintech, and cybersecurity. Chris loves taking on new challenges with just a pen, paper, and his brain.


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