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A Codal Report: Mobile World Congress 2015

February 25th, 2015

Codal will be making it’s annual visit to Barcelona this week to learn, engage, and contribute to Mobile World Congress. With nearly 85,000 attendees over a four day period, Codal is excited to participate in the exchange of innovative ideas, strategic partnerships, and the latest in hardware tech, particularly with such a large and diverse group. The organizers have made almost 98,000 square feet available for conferences, business meetings, and exhibits. 201 countries are represented and the statistics only begin there.

This year and perhaps this decade have been themed with the idea that developers, engineers, and even consumers are all on the Cutting Edge of Innovation, which is actually title of the first Keynote. This is what the conference is all about. Innovation no matter the industry is the driving force of progress the past ten years.

Mobile World Congress’ focus on all things mobility differs from other major industry meetings like CES because there is a great deal of time dedicated to mobile development. Bridging the usability between web development and mobile development is an iterative process, but the mere optimization is a big time and cost saver for dev firms. Our goal at Codal is to identify and implement the best of these solutions and optimizations. In addition to this, incorporating the role of new hardware and how it communicates as an accessory builds on the idea of the internet of things. Discovering new application uses with capable hardware is uncovering a market of tools and functions that can make our businesses, passions, and interests grow and adapt even more.

The Illinois Department of Commerce has been involved in sponsoring Codal at Mobile World Congress. As a Chicago mobile development firm, we’re proud to represent and provide the feedback and exchange of ideas with our international counterparts.

Meetings and discussions are not the only things on this year’s docket. With solid footing in mobility, entertainment has a massive feature set. The dedicated team running the Mobile. Music. Innovation. eXperience (MMIX) campaign have set aside time for a lecture on reforming how entertainment is consumed. The panel is called The Future of Entertainment is Mobile and it will cover how and why consumers pay for content. Defining how freemium features are deployed and integrated is also a focus.

The entertainment panel will feature a tremendous performance featuring: Rudimental DJ & International DJ & Dance Star, Roger Sanchez Plus Edu Natored and Ollie Humphreys.

Keval Baxi


Keval Baxi is the Chief Executive Officer at Codal. He oversee's the corporate direction and strategy of the company, focusing on innovation and customer experience. Outside of Codal, his interests include running and exploring new Chicago restaurants.


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